Military Sexual Trauma Veterans Benefits

VA Compensation for Military Sexual Trauma — Everything You Need To Know

Did you suffer military sexual trauma (MST) while in the service? You may be eligible to receive disability compensation if the MST resulted in physical and/or mental disabilities, including if the MST caused you post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When you apply for and receive approval for veterans’ disability compensation benefits, you can start receiving a monthly disability check, free health care for your service-connected disability, and other perks offered to disabled veterans. A lawyer can help you with an appeal.

If you have financial concerns about hiring a military sexual trauma veterans benefits lawyer, know that our disability lawyers do not collect any money until you start receiving benefits. *

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Qualifying for VA Disability for Military Sexual Trauma

Serving in the military is difficult. As a result, many veterans are injured, whether physically or in the mind. If you suffered military sexual trauma, this can lead to mental disabilities, including PTSD.

The VA lists PTSD as a qualifying condition for disability benefits. Moreover, it has taken a number of steps to better serve MST survivors.

Let a Military Sexual Trauma Lawyer Help You Appeal for Veterans Benefits

A military sexual trauma lawyer can help you with a strong appeal for VA disability benefits. For your appeal to be successful, it needs to prove three things:

  • Diagnosis of a Disabling Medical Condition — To receive approval for VA disability, you first must demonstrate that you have received a diagnosis of a disabling medical condition. Since military sexual trauma is considered not a condition but an event, veterans’ benefits will be based on a medical condition caused by the military sexual trauma you suffered. In many cases, that condition is PTSD. However, because each case is different, it is possible that military sexual trauma affected you in another way, causing other conditions.
  • In-Service Event — Your appeal must describe a personal assault that occurred during your service. Evidence of behavior changes following the assault is one type of relevant evidence the VA may consider. Sources other than the veteran’s service records may be used to corroborate that the personal assault occurred. Examples of such evidence include but are not limited to:
    • records from law enforcement authorities
    • rape crisis centers
    • mental health counseling centers
    • hospitals or physicians
    • pregnancy tests or tests for sexually transmitted diseases
    • statements from family members, roommates, fellow service members or clergy
  • Nexus between the event and condition — The third requirement to receive VA disability is that there is a “nexus” (connection) between your condition and the in-service event. While many would think that military sexual trauma is an automatic service connection, it is not. This is because the MST is the event that causes the condition rather than the condition itself.

Trust an Attorney to Help You Recover the Full Veterans Benefits You Deserve

In the case of military sexual trauma, emotional wounds can remain long after the physical damage has healed. They can pervade every part of your life, impacting your ability to work, maintain relationships, and carry out daily living activities.

You deserve compensation for the trauma you suffered. Your disability lawyer will fight for the highest level of disability compensation for which you are eligible.

The VA rates every disability approved for benefits on a scale of 0 to 100 percent, in increments of 10 percent. If you developed PTSD or another mental condition from your military sexual trauma, you will receive a rating based on the Federal Code of Regulations rating at one of these levels: 0,10, 30, 50, 70, or 100 percent.

These ratings qualify a veteran and dependents for monthly disability compensation rates:

  • 10 percent rating: $142.29
  • 30 percent rating: $435.69
  • 50 percent rating: $893.43
  • 70 percent rating: $1,426.17
  • 100 percent rating: $3,106.04

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