The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides specific financial, educational, job assistance, and health care benefits to help support disabled veterans’ families. This assistance can help ease the burdens on military families, as long as they are aware of the benefits they qualify for, and how to apply for them.

Benefits Eligibility for Spouses of Veterans

Financial Benefits

Veterans with a 100 percent service-connected disability rating are eligible for specific payment increases for their spouses and children. These additional payments are automatically awarded, so the spouse does not have to apply for them.

The additional payments are added to other disability compensation the veteran is awarded, which include:

  • $150 a month for a spouse with no children
  • $259 a month for a spouse with a child
  • $75 a month for each additional child

Health Benefits

In addition to this financial assistance, your family may be eligible for health care coverage through the Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA), which shares the cost of health care services and supplies with the VA. Spouses and children of disabled veterans may be eligible for reimbursement for inpatient and outpatient services, prescription medications, medical equipment, nursing care, and mental health care as long as the following remains true:

  • The veteran and their spouse remain married.
  • All children are under 18 (or under 23 and still in school).

Children may remain on CHAMPVA after the above age limits if they have disabilities that make it impossible to support themselves.

Educational Benefits

If your spouse has a 100 percent service-connected disability, you do not have to put their care ahead of your and your children’s education. The VA will help you in this area as well, providing up to three years and nine months of benefits for the spouse and all children. This can be used to pursue a degree, a certificate or a work-training program. Spouses can also use it for correspondence courses.

State-Offered Benefits

The spouse’s state of residence may offer additional benefits to the spouses of disabled veterans. These benefits may include employment assistance, free counseling, and property tax exemptions. The benefits offered may vary from state-to-state, so it is a good idea to check with your state’s Department of Veterans Affairs to learn more.

How to Obtain 100 Percent VA Benefits as a Spouse

Some benefits should be awarded automatically once your spouse’s service-connected disability is rated at 100 percent. Other benefits will be awarded only after your application has been approved.

The application process can be complicated, and the VA is not always clear about requirements or due dates.

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