Non-Battle Injury Veterans Benefits

VA Compensation for Non-Battle Injury Benefits – Everything You Need To Know

If you are a veteran who suffered a non-battle injury during your service, you could be eligible for VA disability benefits. VA offers monthly compensation and FREE health care to veterans for their service-connected disabilities, even if your injury did not occur in combat. A VA disability lawyer can help you try to get the non-battle injury veterans benefits you deserve.

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Getting Non-Battle Injury Veterans Benefits

No matter how your injury occurred, you may deserve VA disability benefits if it is connected to your military service.

Training Exercise Injuries

Some military training exercises are as physically intense as actual combat. They must be, since these exercises are what prepare service members to fight in battle.

Hearing or Vision Loss

Hearing loss can occur from repeated exposure to loud noises, such as explosions or gun blasts. This often happens in battle but can also occur during training or simply from living on a military base. Vision loss can happen under similar circumstances, both in and out of battle.

PTSD and Other Mental Health Issues

Many people associate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) only with veterans returning from battle. But the condition can strike those who have not been deployed to combat.

Do not hesitate to seek the benefits you deserve just because your PTSD did not arise from a combat situation.

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A VA Disability Lawyer Can Build a Compelling VA Disability Appeal on Your Behalf

Above all, your appeal must demonstrate three things. One, you have a valid diagnosis of a disabling condition. Two, you experienced an in-service event or in-service onset of your condition. And three, that there is a medical nexus (link) between your condition and service.

You Have a Valid Diagnosis of a Disabling Condition

You must demonstrate that you have a valid diagnosis of a disabling medical condition.

You Experienced an Event in Your Military Service

You must also prove that you experienced a specific event during your military service or in-service onset of your condition.

There Is a Nexus Between the In-Service Event & Your Condition

You then must present a medical nexus opinion that links your in-service event (or in-service onset) to your current condition. For instance, a training exercise during which you suffered repeated gun blast exposure caused you to lose part of your hearing, or a calisthenics session resulted in an acute back injury leading to degenerative disc disease.

Your Disability Rating Determines Your Monthly Compensation

If you get approved for VA disability, you will receive a disability rating on a scale of 0 to 100% in 10% increments. The higher this number, the more money you will receive in benefits. VA assigns your disability rating based on how severe and disabling your condition is.

The VA disability compensation rates vary widely at each rating level. A VA disability law firm can help you collect evidence and assemble it in a way that details your disability. This may help you receive a higher disability rating and more compensation.

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