Hyperhidrosis Veterans Benefits

VA Compensation Claims for Hyperhidrosis – Everything You Need To Know

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) considers hyperhidrosis a qualifying disability for veterans’ benefits. Unfortunately, this does not make obtaining hyperhidrosis veterans’ benefits easy or straightforward. If you received a denial of disability benefits for hyperhidrosis, do not lose hope. You are not alone. A veterans’ disability lawyer can help you appeal the denial and fight for the benefits you need.

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Getting Hyperhidrosis Veterans Benefits

The criteria for obtaining disability benefits are strict, and there are three things your appeal must establish to be successful:

You Have a Current Hyperhidrosis Diagnosis

You must provide proof of a current diagnosis of hyperhidrosis. This is typically as simple as providing paperwork or a statement from your doctor.

You Experienced Some Sort of In-Service Event

The evidence must demonstrate an event during your service that caused your hyperhidrosis or that your condition started while you were serving.

There Is A Nexus Between Your In-Service Event/Onset and Your Diagnosis

You must have a medical nexus between your in-service event/in-service onset and your hyperhidrosis diagnosis.

You May Be Able to Establish Secondary Service Connection

Hyperhidrosis is a secondary condition of many different types of service-connected disabilities. For example, hyperhidrosis can stem from anxiety, diabetes, or nervous system disorders, and more. Depending on your situation, you may have developed one of these disorders or diseases due to your military service.

If you cannot establish a direct service connection for your hyperhidrosis, a secondary service connection may be an option. For example, if you developed diabetes after suffering exposure to Agent Orange and your diabetes causes excessive sweating. A lawyer can help you establish a service connection for your hyperhidrosis if it is at least as likely as not due to your service-connected diabetes.

A lawyer can help you establish a secondary service connection. If you believe your primary condition is service-connected but have not established service connection for your secondary conditions, a lawyer can help.

A Lawyer Will Fight to Get You the Highest Disability Rating Possible for Your Hyperhidrosis

The compensation you receive each month depends on the severity of your hyperhidrosis. VA uses specific criteria to rate the severity of your condition. They are as follows:

  • 30 percent: “Unable to handle paper or tools because of moisture, and unresponsive to therapy”
  • 0 percent: “able to handle paper or tools after therapy”

Monthly compensation for hyperhidrosis is:

  • 0 percent: $0 per month
  • 30 percent: $435.69 per month

If you receive a 30 percent disability rating and you have dependents (spouse, dependent children, or dependent parents), you can receive higher compensation each month.

A lawyer can make your appeal as strong as possible to get you the highest amount of compensation possible.

How a Veterans’ Disability Attorney Can Help with Your Hyperhidrosis Case

A veterans’ disability lawyer can do the following for you:

Determine Your Reason for Denial

While your denial notice should explain why VA denied your claim, it is not always straightforward. A lawyer can explain it to you in a way you can understand.

Determine the Best Route to Take to Appeal

You have different options for approaching your appeal, per the new appeals process. A VA disability lawyer can help determine the best lane through which you should put your appeal (the higher-level review lane, the supplemental claim lane or the Board of Veterans’ Appeals lane).

Help You Gather the Necessary Evidence to Prove Your Condition Is Service-Connected

A veterans’ disability attorney will determine what your appeal needs to be successful and assists you in gathering the information you need. This might include further information from your doctor or a statement from your employer, etc.

Fight for the Highest Disability Rating/File for an Increased Hyperhidrosis Disability Rating

If you have filed a claim for hyperhidrosis and received a grant, but you believe your disability rating is lower than you deserve, a veterans’ disability lawyer can fight to increase it. Alternatively, if you filed for an increased rating for your hyperhidrosis but received a decision continuing your rating, a veterans’ disability lawyer can help you appeal. A lawyer can gather medical records and evidence from your doctors and other parties to establish the severity of your condition.

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