What Is the VA Disability Appeal Success Rate for Veterans?

Historically, the VA disability appeal success rate for veterans has been considered relatively low. In addition to a low success rate, appeals often took several years to complete.

Veterans Have Seen a Higher Grant Rate with AMA Appeals

The grant rate may change as VA works within the new appeals framework. VA has made no promises on increasing the grant rate, but it hopes that the new Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act (AMA) process will lead to quicker decisions on appeals.

The New AMA Appeals Process

As of February 2019, VA has used a more-efficient reviews and appeals process.

This appeals process includes three “lane” choices:

  • The Higher-Level Review Lane: This lane involves a senior claims adjudicator reviewing the existing record. Veterans cannot add new evidence.
  • The Supplemental Claim Lane: In this lane, appellants can add new evidence (must be “new and relevant”) to their existing file.
  • The Board of Veterans’ Appeals Lane: This lane allows an appellant to appeal their case directly to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. This lane has three dockets:
    • The direct review docket (the veteran requests a review from the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, does not submit new evidence and does not request a hearing)
    • The evidence submission docket (the veteran presents new evidence, does not request a hearing)
    • The hearing docket (the veteran requests a hearing and can submit new evidence).

A Lawyer Can Help You Build a Successful Appeal

If you have received a denial of your original claim, a VA disability lawyer will help you determine the best review lane and help you to gather all the evidence you need to build a compelling appeal. Call (888) 392-5392 today for help from a veterans’ disability law firm.