Was Your Veterans Disability Claim Denied in Kentucky?

You are not alone if your initial application for veterans disability benefits has been denied. Many valid claims are at first rejected – or rated too low – by the VA. Many disabled veterans go on to get the benefits they deserve through the appeals process.

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George Sink Sr. knows the VA system personally because he was injured in Vietnam and later recovered disability benefits. Now he and his staff of attorneys and legal professionals fight for the rights of other disabled vets who need help with a claim that was improperly denied.

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Why Did the VA Deny Your Claim in Kentucky?

It’s no secret that the VA is an overburdened government agency. In far too many cases, the VA makes mistakes and rejects an application for veterans disability benefits outright. In many other cases, VA officials unfairly rate an applicant’s level of impairment far lower than it truly is.

Some of the reasons why the VA may reject a claim for benefits include:

  • Failure to prove that the disabling condition resulted from an injury during active duty
  • Failure to prove that the disabling condition began during active duty
  • Failure to prove that the disabling condition is related to military service
  • Failure to prove that the disabling condition exists

Even when you get all this right, an error in reviewing the paperwork may be the reason why the VA wrongly denies a claim. It’s also possible that there was an error in the application, missing documents or some other issue. In any event, the good news is that there is an appeals process that gives disabled veterans another chance to get the monthly cash benefits they are actually entitled to.

Denied Claim for Veterans Disability Benefits in KY? Take Action Now!

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