After fighting with the VA numerous time, and being denied, I saw an add for George T. Sink and decided to contact them for help. They took my case as soon as I contacted them. Never thought that an attorney from another state could fight for what I, as well as my attorney thought I was entitled to. Well to make a long, and I thought loosing battle short, I would like to say, the attorney along the way, made me feel like family, They kept me in the loop at every step of the way., and just the other day, we won my case, and I received rating, as well as back pay I was deserving of. I have son that is sick, and does not make much money every month. I was worried that with my health, and age, as well as this pandemic that we all feel in one way or another, I would not be able to leave what he would need to carry on after I had passed . Well with the help the attorney at George Sink, I am going to get the monthly benefits, and the back pay I received, I am purchasing a home that he will take over after I pass. Thank you so much David, and all the attorney that helped as well as all the individuals that answered the phones. You all made a dream come true. I just can not say Thank you enough. You all have my Love for eternity.

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